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🌤️ Cato Weather Mobile Application 🌧️

Concept design for a children's weather application


As part of a collaborative school project of three, where my role centred on UI/UX, this project aimed to create a compelling app concept pitch. The essential components of this project encompassed the development of the application concept, performing a market evaluation, developing a monetization strategy, and positioning a robust value proposition.


Given the collaborative team dynamic, visual aids such as wireframes and prototypes showcasing the user onboarding process and initial application screen were produced, to enhance the impact of the pitch. The overarching aim of this project was to amalgamate strategic planning, design, and developmental elements.


Christopher Poirier


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Cato Weather plans to offer a more robust experience than our competitors. Our app will include similar weather tracking features as Weather Duck (minus the ads), as well as a variety of mini-games and learning experiences. Our app will feature an AR mobile weather learning game to be played outdoors. The price point on our app will be very competitive compared to other paid educational apps, many of which use a subscription model.


For parents who value educational play time, Cato Kids Weather is a dynamic learning experience that will provide hours of fun while teaching kids the importance of climate and their environment.


To cultivate a deeper understanding of our users throughout the conceptualization phase, we crafted a user persona and scenario inspired by internet archetypes such as “the crunchy mom” and “sad beige baby.” These elements provided an initial foundation for contemplating user needs, challenges, and potential solutions that will be further explored as we develop our application concept.


The project was elevated through the creation through comprehensive onboarding wireframes and Figma prototype, capturing and conveying the essence of our concept.


The development of Cato Weather was a unique educational experience as it allowed us to think outside of the box when developing an application. Our focus was delivering a comprehensive and engaging weather education experience to children aged 3-13 years, the process allowed us to explore what is possible, and how it could be developed.

Starting with a well-defined user persona was integral to our app development process as it provided the team with a deep understanding of the target audience’s needs, behaviors, and preferences. This enabled us to create a highly tailored and engaging user experience, making our app more competitive and ultimately resulting in a successful product.