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🌈 Glamazon Photography 📸

Celebrate Vancouver Pride with Amazon


Armed with Canon’s SL3 DSLR and the 55mm f1.8 lens, I embarked on a mission to encapsulate Glamazon’s celebration of pride, the fluidity of movement, and candid moments during the Vancouver 2022 Pride Parade.


Using depth of field, the f1.8 lens allows me to isolate subjects, capturing candid portraits with an intimate feeling. Utilizing Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, I enhanced the rich colours that mirror Glamazon’s diverse spectrum adding artistic dimension to the final product.


This project is more than just photography; it’s a medium to amplify voices and spotlight the beauty of diversity. Armed with my lenses and creative tools, I’m committed to capturing Glamazon’s unapologetic celebration and unwavering unity.