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Examining the usability of Zara's website


This case study on Zara’s website highlights the importance of taking a user-centred approach to design and using both quantitative and qualitative research data to inform design decisions. By implementing improvements to the website’s information architecture, breadcrumbs, and in-store availability checkers, the study demonstrates how UX research can lead to significant improvements in website usability and customer satisfaction.


Christopher Poirier

UX Designer & Researcher

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Jennifer Uy

UX Researcher

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Kayla Tran

UI Designer & Researcher

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Karina Song

UX Researcher

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The purpose of the exercise was to evaluate the usability of the website across various aspects, including product search, availability, and browsing. The methods employed included screening candidates, conducting live moderated sessions, recording observations, and utilizing the System Usability Scale.


The key findings revealed that users encountered difficulties in locating particular products and navigating availability and colour choices. The proposed solution involves enhancing product card information to address these issues, introduction of breadcrumbs, and improved in-store availability information.

* I acknowledge that in this school project, I have utilized copyrighted content owned by Zara and Inditex. While I believe that my use of this content falls under the legal doctrine of fair use, I have taken steps to request permission from the copyright owners. I have sent a request for permission to Zara and Inditex and am currently awaiting their response. In accordance with fair use principles, I have used the copyrighted content for the purpose of criticism, commentary, and educational purposes.